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 Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


Antipasto della Casa




Chef's selection of imported cheeses, meats and marinated vegetables
Vongole Cozze Arrabiata 15 Clams and mussels in spicy fresh tomato sauce
Caponata M.P Sauteed eggplant, celery, onions, raisins, pine nuts
Carpaccio di Pesce M.P Combination of sliced tuna and salmon topped with arugula and endive
Polpeta Siciliana 14 Sicilian stlye meat balls with eggplant tomato sauce
Bruschetta al Pomodoro 11 Fresh Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, and olive oil
Crostino ai Four Formaggi 12 Four cheese with goat, parmigiano, gorgonzola, and pecorino
Fritto Misto 16 Lightly fried calamari, shrimp and vegetables served with Spicy tomato sauc
Carciofi alla Romana 15 Grilled Roman artichokes hearts, and lemon butter sauce, Red Pepper
Grilled Octopus M.P Marinated grilled octopus served over baby greens with italian gramolata
Melanzane Ripiene M.P Eggplant filled with spinach, ricotta topped with mozzarella and oven finished
Lobster Agrodolce M.P Light tempura battered and fried lobster tail served over red onion and fresh tomato, topped with a rosemary garlic Sicilian sweet-sour sauce
Sweetbreads Marsala M.P Sweetbreads seared with mushroom, Marsala wine sauce served over fresh polenta
Beet Tartare with Scallop M.P Roasted red beet tartare topped with seared scallops

Primi Piatti

Melanzana Parmigiana 22 Deep-fried sliced eggplant, layered with fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, ricotta and tomato, owen finished
Penne Puttanesca 22 tomato sauce, anchovies, kalamata olives and capers
Penne Pomodoro 19 Penne with tomato sauce
Lasagna Siciliana 24 Homemade Traditional meat Lasagna
Fettuccine Mare e Monti 29 Italian sausage, shrimp, scallops, sweet peas in a wild mushroom cream sauce
Spaghetti Scampi 26 Gulf Shrimp in white wine, lemon, garlic and olive oil, topped with cherry tomatoes and touch of cream
Rigatoni Norma 24 Eggplant, cherry tomato sauce, fresh ricotta and basil oven finished
Pappardelle Bolognese 25 Pasta ribbons in a classic meat sauce
Spaghetti Frutti di Mare 29 Fresh shrimps, clams, mussels, scallops and calamari with garlic, white wine, and a touch of tomato
Linguine alle Vongole 26 Linguine with fresh clams, choice of white clam or tomato basil sauce
Cannelloni M.P Cannelloni pasta stuffed with short ribs and caciocavallo cheese, oven baked in a tomato and bechamel sauce
Spaghetti Carbonara  23 Pancetta, cream, parmesan, black pepper and egg
Capelini Amore 28 Grilled Chicken, pancetta, green beans, white cream sauce
Gnocchi with 4 cheeses 23 Four cheese creamy sauce served over homemade Gnocchi
Ravioli del Giorno M.P Fresh homemade ravioli of the day

All of Our Fresh Pasta is Organic and Made in-House Daily

1/2 Order Of Pasta Available Opon Request

All Our Homemade Pasta Is Organic


Mista Salad 12 Mixed baby greens, tomato, olives, red peppers, gorgonzola
Rughetta Salad 13 Arugula, shaved parmesan, tomato
Romana Salad 14 Spinach Salad with fresh mushrooms, Italian Bacon, parmigiano, aged balsamic
Caprese Salad 15 Sliced tomato , buffalo mozzarella, basil with olive oil and balsamic


Pescatora 29 Shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, and scallops in light tomato sauce tossed with Arborio rice
Funghi 27 Risotto made with Arborio rice, fresh wild mushrooms, white wine, white truffle oil


Duck Fantasia 29 Pan Seared succulent duck breast with sauteed pears in balsamic deduction over arugula and shaved parimgiano
Short Ribs and Gnocchi 34 Beef short ribs slowly braised and served over homemade gnocchi
Contandina Di Polo 27 Chicken sauteed with eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers, fresh mozzarella, oven finished
Pollo Milanese 24 Chicken Brest, breaded-fried with mixed greens, balsamic
Veal Prosecco 30 Veal Sauteed with asparagus, shrimps and prosecco lemon sauce, over seasonal vegetables
Lamb al Vino Rosso M.P Barolo red wine, aged balsamic reduction, served with rosemary potatoes
Veal Scaloppini 28 Choice of Picatta, Marsala or Prosecco
Chicken Saltimbocca 26 Chicken brest, proscuitto, brown butter and sage sauce, Served over seasonal vegetables


Wild Salmon Dijon Style 30 Seared salmon in a prosecco, lemon, caper Dijon mustard sauce, served over seasonal vegetables
Zuppa di Pesce 30 Heaping bowl of mixed seafood; fish of the day, clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp, scallop in tomato saffron broth served with hoemade crostini
Lobster Fra Diavolo M.P Whole Maine lobster with black tagliatelle in a lightly tomato sauce
Grigliata di Pesce M.P Grilled mixed seafood served with an agrodolce sauce over asparagus
Scallops al Balsamico M.P Scallops with balsamic and blood orange reduction served over radiccio
Fish of the Day M.P Prepared Tesoro, Livornese, Piccata, or al Forno

Sides or Small Plates

Sauteed Vegetables 10 Grilled baby vegetables with garlic and extra virgin olive oil
Spinach With Garlic, Olive oil 10 Spinach sautéed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil
Penne Pmodoro 8 Penne paste with tomatoe sauce
Roasted Potatoes 8 Roasted potatoes with garlic, and olive oil
Sauteed Mushroom 11 Wild mushrooms sautéed with garlic and truffle oil
Risotto parmigiano 12 Arborio rice risotto with parmigiano cheese

**Before Placing an Order, Please Inform Your Server If a Person in Your Party Has a Food Allergy

**20% Tip Included for Party of 6 People and Up

**Menu is subject to change to seasonal ingredients**